New Hyde Park Special Needs Dentist – Edward L. Perlow DDS

Getting the best dental care possible for a special needs child or adult can be a challenging, especially when you have been told that they must seek dental care at a hospital. At the New Hyde Park dental practice of Edward Perlow, DDS we are happy to guide you through your options for special needs and sedation dentistry, including understanding any insurance coverage. We are here to help ensure that meeting the oral health concerns for special needs patients is as easy as possible.

Professional Experience You Can Count On
Dr. Perlow has been teaching and supervising at the dental practice residency section of special needs patients’ dental care of Long Island Jewish Hospital for over 26 years. This experience has given Dr. Perlow an in-depth understanding of how to best help those seeking special needs dentistry. Dr. Edward Perlow has adapted a simple truth. “There is a difference between saying, ‘This is the best we can do’ verses saying, ‘This is the best that can be done’.” Many dentists treating special needs patients will refer them to a hospital when in actuality, help can be found in the dentist’s chair.

Flexibility for Best Dental Care
Dr. Perlow understands that treatment takes a combination of patient tolerance, patient willingness, and family willingness. Through patience, understanding, experience, talent, gentleness, and kindness, Dr. Perlow has helped many special needs patients attain their ideal dental health.

Sedation Dentistry
Our New Hyde Park dental office is happy to provide sedation dentistry for special needs patients who may have a difficult time sitting still through treatment. Sedation is administered by an anesthesiologist and allows more work to be completed in a single visit. Sedated patients do not experience any discomfort while under anesthesia.

When seeking special needs dentistry, it is important to know your options. New Hyde Park special needs dentist, Dr. Perlow and his team are happy to help you navigate through your questions. Contact us or schedule your appointment today.