Dr. Perlow is very professional and always a pleasure to see. Very knowledgeable about many things in addition to dentistry. Staff is always friendly and professional. Office is always super clean!

Gabrielle D.

Office staff were great and accomodating w/scheduling. MD was curtious and made my visit as plesant as possible.

Corinne R.

Excellent provision of services. All staff were most professional, friendly, “service & a smile”, educative and very upbeat/positive.
Joann L.

Let me take a moment to share with you a wonderful journey by Dr. Perlow, D.D.S.

In the early ’90s I was told that I had significant gum loss and by 1998 I lost my first tooth. For the next twelve years, I continued to lose teeth, my self-confidence, my ability to speak in public, and above all, simply smile. I had to choose my interactions with other people carefully and when speaking to others I would tend to move my face as often as possible to avoid having them focus on my mouth. During all that time, I kept looking for an opportunity to put three or so months together so I could start am restoration. Yet time was not to be the overriding factor in my continually postponing the work. You see, I am a gagger and after many consultations with my family dentist he felt that he was not equipped to handle me. Finally my dentist told me that I was not a candidate for dentures and that I would need implants, costing some $50,000 or more. I was reeling and defeated. My family dentist asked me to give him some time to discuss my case with his colleagues who specialize in such conditions.

In October of 2013 my wife got a call from our family dentist who referred me to Dr. Perlow. I made an appointment with him in early November. I knew right from the moment he introduced himself and his entire staff that was going to be OK. Dr. Perlow spent the entire first visit, an hour and a half, discussing options and mapping out possibilities. We discussed at length my gag reflex and he educated me on the causes. I mentioned to him that when I was given Nitrous-Oxide, laughing gas, it suppresses the reflex and that I can tolerate having work done in my mouth. So the work began and I was back in his office almost every two weeks making preparations for the upper and lower molds. Dr. Perlow is a master at keeping you relaxed while working on you. Conversations are on the light side and his assistant is always checking to see that you are all right. At the end of each visit, Dr. Perlow would map out in detail what he would be doing the next time I came in. Sometime in December, Dr. Perlow started taking the impressions of my upper and lower jaw, never mentioning that a stand-alone denture would never work. Dr. Perlow would make a good coach because he always accentuates the positive. Visit after visit, fitting after fitting all was going great with Dr. Perlow. One day in January I walked in and sat down in the chair and I watched the television, as I waited for him. As a side note, I think it is all part of his strategy to help you relax. In any case Dr. Perlow walked in and he had a working upper impression from the dental lab and as calm as could be he said put this in your mouth and tell me how it feels. And, without hesitation, no Nitrous Oxide, I took it and put it in my mouth. For the next fifteen minutes or so he worked on the lower one and I was dumbfounded that was sitting there with this in my mouth. Dr. Perlow did not comment. You see, a good teacher lets the student come to the obvious conclusion. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my family. One week later the lower was ready and now I had both in my mouth. Dr. Perlow was able to wean me off the Nitrous and build me up so I have the dentures in my mouth. After a few more fittings, I now had a working set of dentures that feel and behave as if they were my natural teeth.

Dr. Perlow is a magnificent, dentist, artist, coach and teacher. Because of Dr. Perlow I no longer have to shy away from public interactions, I smile freely, eat all kind of foods, including nuts and fruits, and so many people tell me how great I look. Dr. Perlow said this was the first step and if I need additional anchor points to stabilize the dentures, he would work with me. To date, I and my entire family are extremely satisfied with the results and I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Perlow to anyone who is looking for a caring compassionate dentist. Yes, it was a wonderful journey.

Tom L.

For thirty years I’ve had no teeth or dentures on the bottom of my mouth. Eating was very painful at times, causing me lots of discomfort trying to chew on certain types of food that would leave my gums sore or cut. Then through Dental Lifeline I meet Dr. Edward Perlow. Although I didn’t think dentures would be for me, because they would take up so much room in my mouth. Well I took the leap of faith and I am so glad I did. I knew it would be an adjustment process for me, but because of Dr. Perlow’s generosity, experience and talent I have teeth that feel great. My friends and family can’t believe I have dentures. I feel like a new woman. Dr. Perlow and his staff, asst. Alicia Steizinger and Debbie Serrano were very accomodating and they lawys made sure that my well being was their first priority. I have never met such a group of people that placed so much attention on patient satisfaction. It was refreshing for me and my family that I was under such good care. It is great to see that professionals like Dr. Perlow and his staff are trying to make such a positive difference in this world.

Tamara L